Music is Adam Bodine’s lifelong passion and his full-time profession. Based out of Colorado, this talented pianist and multidimensional keyboardist is a soulful improviser, tasteful accompanist, evocative composer and arranger, prolific producer, diligent bandleader, and sought after sideman.  A charismatic performer, Bodine embodies keen musicianship and versatility.

An astute listener with outstanding chops and refreshing sensibilities, Adam is a dynamic player in most any environment.  Although he revels in the language, aesthetic qualities and artistic freedom of jazz, Bodine flourishes beyond the confines of categorization.  He is also well seasoned in the realms of rock, funk, soul, blues, bluegrass, country, reggae, latin and classical music.

Adam Bodine leads a superb standard jazz trio, which is complemented by an expansive rotation of exceptional bassists and drummers, The Adam Bodine Trio.  It provides an optimum framework for Adam’s vibrant musical personality to shine.  In addition to extensive discography, which has received widespread radio play and album sales, the Trio plays live to a broad range of audiences including in leading Denver Jazz clubs like Dazzle and Nocturne, and at other of our nation’s top venues and at festivals.  In a handful of years, Adam Bodine has performed at thousands of venues with hundreds of bands.